2013, 1:42 min, Color Animation

Birldland Project is an animation based on the song Birldland by Patti Smith. Using a paragraph of this song, I reinterpreted this beautiful poem in my own words.In This experimentation I try to explore my own concept of transformation. Manipulating and transforming the text I try to express emotion.

"And then the little boy's face lit up with such naked joy
That the sun burned around his lids and his eyes were like two suns,
White lids, white opals, seeing everything just a little bit too clearly
And he looked around and there was no black ship in sight,
No black funeral cars, nothing except for him the raven
And fell on his knees and looked up and cried out,
“no, daddy, don't leave me here alone,
Take me up, daddy, to the belly of your ship,
Let the ship slide open and I'll go inside of it
Where you're not human, you are not human.”
Patti Smith